International Consortium for Spinal Genetics Development & Disease

#ICSGDD2022: Oct 06-08, 2022
ICSGDD meeting at Virtual Platform

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About Us

Who are we? We are a unique multidisciplinary group focused on genetics of scoliosis.

Who do we serve? We serve patients, families, clinicians, and the scientific community

What do we do? We work together to generate and integrate knowledge that will lead to new ideas and discoveries that could not be achieved individually. Our goal is to translate those discoveries to the benefit of patients and families with scoliosis

How do we function? We share resources, ideas, and expertise by regular communication

We are a unique multidisciplinary group focused on understanding the genetic causes of scoliosis. Our goal is to work together by sharing resources, ideas, and expertise to make new discoveries that would not be achievable through individual efforts. In this way we will provide answers about the causes of scoliosis, and possibilities for new treatments that will benefit patients and their families worldwide.

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