2023 Program

Advances and challenges in research and clinical management of spinal disease

Avancées et défis de la recherche et de la prise en charge clinique des pathologies rachidiennes

DAy 1- Sunday, September 10, 2023
5:15pmWelcomeCarol Wise, PhDScottish Rite for Children
5:25pmIntroduction of SpeakerFlorina Moldovan, PhDCHU-Sainte Justine
5:30pmKeynote SpeakerReconstituting human vertebral column development in vitroOlivier Pourquie, PhDHarvard Medical School/Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Day 2- Monday, September 11, 2023
9:00amWelcomeCarol Wise, PhD & Florina Moldovan, PhDScottish Rite for Children & CHU- Sainte Justine
9:05am-9:25amInvited SpeakerThe mechanical background of scoliosis and novel treatment optionsRene Castelein, MDUniversity Medical Centre Utrecht
9:35am-9:40amAbstractTargeting bone healing with novel and biodegradable Borophene-Monetite ImplantJustin MattaMcGill University
9:40am-9:45amAbstractAssociation between genetic polymorphisms and risk of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis in case-control studies: A systematic reviewAnna MonleyUniversity of Colorado
9:45am- 9:50amAbstractPatient-specific simulation of in-brace correction and two-year growth modulation during brace treatment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosisAymeric GuyPolytechnique Montréal, CHU Sainte- Justine
9:50am- 10:00amQ&A
10:00am- 10:20amInvited SpeakerAssessment of growth in Idiopathic Scoliosis: Radiographic measures, biologic measures and moreMichelle Welborn, MDShriners Children’s Portland
10:20am- 10:30amQ&A
10:30am- 10:50amCoffee Break
10:50am-10:55amAbstractAssociation of estrogen-sensitive Pax1-Col11a1-Mmp3 signaling axis with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS)Anas M. KhanshourScottish Rite for Children
10:55am- 11:00amAbstractDifferential Regulation of POC5 by Era in human normal and scoliotic cellsAmani HassanCHU Sainte- Justine Research Center
11:00am- 11:05amAbstractDeveloping an adapted and validated English version of the MOBI questionnaireOmar ElseminCHU Sainte- Justine Research Center
11:05am- 11:15amQ&A
11:15am- 11:35amInvited SpeakerBiologic approaches to complex spine deformitiesCharles Johnston, MDScottish Rite for Children
11:35am- 11:45amQ&A
11:45am- NoonAdjournment
1:00pm- 1:05pmAfternoon Welcome
1:05pm- 1:25pmInvited SpeakerImpaired glycine neurotransmission causes adolescent idiopathic scoliosisBo Gao, PhDThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
1:35pm-1:40pmAbstractDeletion of a sex-associated genomic region associated with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis leads to disc degeneration and vertebral rotationEd MoodyUniversity of Otago
1:40pm- 1:45pmAbstractSpatiotemporal characterization of human early intervertebral disc formation at single-cell resolutionPeiqiang SuFirst Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University
1:45pm- 1:50pmAbstractCrosstalk between cartilage and bone in facet joints of patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosisKai ShengMcGill University
1:50pm- 2:00pmQ&A
2:00pm- 2:20pmInvited SpeakerIdentification of an axial sensory system within the spinal cord contributing to body straighteningYasmine Cantaut- Belarif, PhDCNRS/Paris Brain Institute
2:20pm- 2:30pmQ&A
2:30pm-2:50pmCoffee Break
2:50pm- 2:55pmAbstractExploring the link between oxi-inflammation and axial curvature in zebrafish models of AISPatrick PumputisThe Hospital for Sick Children/University of Toronto
2:55pm- 3:00pm AbstractImpaired glycine neurotransmission causes adolescent idiopathic scoliosisWang XiaoluUniversity of Hong Kong
3:00pm- 3:05pmAbstractCharacterization of cellular senescence in developing axolotl embryosJenny HiepUniversité de Montréal
3:05pm- 3:15pmQ&A
3:15pm- 3:35pmInvited SpeakerMolecular pathology and therapeutic opportunities in NF1 spine deformityJonathan Rios, PhDScottish Rite for Children
3:35pm- 3:45pmQ&A
4:00pm-6:00pmFree time
6:00pmDinnerOn your Own!
Day 3- Tuesday September 12, 2023
9:05am-9:10amAbstractThe ADGRG/CREB/SOX9 pathway is essential for spine alignmentRyan GrayUniversity of Texas- Austin
9:10am- 9:15amAbstractDefects in notochord development contribute to congenital scoliosisMingqin WangSainte- Justine University Hospital Center
9:15am- 9:20amAbstractExcessive oxidative stress causes abnormal myogenesis and spine curvature in adolescent miceTam Wai KitThe University of Hong Kong
9:30am-9:35amAbstractImpaired central pattern generators due to abnormal EPHA4 signaling leads to idiopathic scoliosisXinyu YangPeking Union Medical College Hospital
9:35am-9:40amAbstractRare variant association analyses reveal the significant contribution of carbohydrate metabolic disturbance in severe adolescent idiopathic scoliosisZhao ZhengyePeking Union Medical College Hospital
9:40am-9:45amAbstractPerception of trunk movement induced by muscle vibration on young adults without scoliosisRobert Maurice EtoumbèUniversité de Montréal
9:45am- 9:55amQ&A
9:55am- 10:00amAbstractAssociation between the A316T GLP1R mutation and adolescent idiopathic scoliosis in French-Canadian and Italian cohortsÉmilie NormandUniversité de Montréal, Centre de recherche CHU Sainte- Justine
10:00am- 10:05amAbstractIntigrated multi-omics analyses decode the atlas of the human fetal spine at single-cell resolutionLina ZhaoPeking Union Medical College Hospital
10:05am- 10:10amAbstractRole of POC5 and Estradiol in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS)Pardis BehzadiCHU Sainte-Justine Research Center
10:10am- 10:15amAbstractPTPu is a key disease-modifying factor in adolescent idiopathic scoliosisMohamed ElbakryCHU Sainte- Justine Research Center
10:15am- 10:20amAbstractTranslation and validation of a French-Canadian version of the Pain Coping Questionnaire (PCQ) in adolescents with musculoskeletal painJanick CarmelCHU Sainte- Justine Research Center
10:35am-10:50amCoffee Break
10:50am- 11:05amPresentationResearch that Scoliosis patients want to seeCaroline Bell
11:05am-11:20amPatient & Parent’s PerspectiveTBD
11:20am-NoonPanel with Parent & PatientCharlie Johnston MD, Stefan Parent MD PHD, Alain Moreau PhD
Until 1:15pmMembers Only Lunch/Business Meeting